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Experiential 7E methodology based on the National Curriculum Framework and works of educational greats like jiddu Krishna Murthy, Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori.
1. Connecting knowledge to life outside the school;
2. Drifting from the rote method enable the children construct their knowledge with the facilitation of the teachers;
3. Enriching curriculum that goes beyond textbooks and children learn live;
4. Making examinations more flexible an integrating them with real life.
Most of the children's growth, these days, is clouded by the negative influence of unhealthy food, sedentary habits, inappropriate movies, corrupt practices and unbalanced emotional and social life. Hence our 7Habits program is to instill the "Positive Attitude and Good Habits" among the children and teach them the practical skills of life that will empower not only in the academic career and work career but also their life of family and retirement. When children start practising these habits at home and in society too, a culture of positivity sets in wherever they go.
The training in subjects is enriched to prepare your child for national and international talent tests, scholarshipexaminations and certifications. "Life learning with community involvement & 'Outstation school' - knowledge sharing programmes" and educational tours.
Excellence in Mathematics, Science and Social St.
Preparation for the prominent talent and scholarship tests like Olympiads, IIT-Foundation, NTSE...
Excellence in English Language :
Preparation for the examinations and certifications from cambridge and Trinity college, London.
Positive parenting skills workshops on "art and science of parenting" are integral part of the education system of the Fort City School. Parents are the first teachers of the children. Foundation of the right behaviour values, etiquettes, health and hygiene habits etc. are learnt by the children at home first, by imitating the parents.

School is extended home and home is extended school. Therefore the school and the parents must play a complimentary role in raising smart and confident children.
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