Chairman Message

In our school wherein our children understand and acquire newer learning skills, using well directed educational programmes. Our curriculum design is assisted by advanced educational technologies also. We are trying our best to provide positive catalytic impulses to our children to stretch inherent learning competencies through self-discovery processes.

We see children as the builders of newer INDIA in the emerging world. That is why we have envisioned an edifying system, which amalgamates the aspirations of the present generation without compromising on Indian value system and traditions. It is our consistent endeavor to shape our children to become successful global citizens.

Chairman - Mr. K.A.P Raju (Siva)
Fortcity School, Vizianagaram.

Vice Chairperson Message

Fort City School is one of the most reputed educational institutions of Vizianagaram. Our vision is to Educate, Enlighten and Empower young minds

“Success come to those who work hard and stay with those, who didn’t reset the laurels of the past”.

Today`s World is changing at an accelerated phase and we are at the verge of a pause and reframe the entire system of education. Our school is well facilitated to prepare the future of our nation in all spheres of their life leading them to reach of the altitudes of their successful careers. Holistic education is our main moto where we focus on the all-round development of our students. We endorse all the skills to face the challenges of the reality with an effective building of their confidence and problem-solving skills.

We the Fort City Managements works at the implementation of well-balanced curriculum which fully prepares our students to face the challenges of life and procure the potential to attain all the required 21st Century skills.

We are entitled with an effective team of dedicated faculty to carry the aspiration of our students fulfilling their zeal’s and nurturing their creativity by imparting various curricular, co-curricular activities, strategies and dynamics.

I congratulate the entire team of our school for their dedication in striving for the progress of our student.

Chairman - Mr. S.V.S. Sitarama Raju (Chanti), Vice –Chairman
Fortcity School, Vizianagaram.