Principal 's desk

It gives me elation & honor to be amember of the family of FCS. A school is always a 'world in miniature' where one receives training for life. Lessons in life take place everywhere: so, whether they are in classroom or in the sports field our pupils begin to learn lessons of life to accept defeat and failure with grace, rejoice at victory and triumph to respect themselves and to value the needs of each other.

The learners are like seeds of talent. The educators are the gardeners, who nurture the skills and weed out the weaknesses lurking within. It needs the right and fertile medium for them to sprout and flourish. The Outcome is a green and bountiful park of a whole generation of future citizens. We enlighten the pupils to spread the light of knowledge to create a difference not only in their life but also in the life of others. We inmbibe in students to have strong self-esteem and high personal expectations.

We will take your children under our feathers and nurture themn & their dreams by taking them through a journey of self-discovery, self-explo ration & self-realization. In this way, you will be able to achieve your aspirations and become what India demand from you. We pray that our students go out in the world with the strength, not only to reach and excel in their professional aspirations, but to remain beautiful human beings. At FCS, we aspire to encourage children to believe in themselves.... to reach for the stars... to reach greater heights and they can... if they believe in their abilities to do so.

We all aspire that education will be for you a source of joy. pleasure and certainly a cause for your pride.

Wishing you a fruitful year!

Principal - Dr.(Mrs.) ROIANA KHAN, Fortcity School, Vizianagaram.